17 October to 20 October 2016


PSLE Marking All students need not report to school. There will be e-learning assignments provided to all students.


GEP Selection Exercise for shortlisted students (18 Oct and 19 Oct)


24 October to 18 November 2016

Suspension of CCA from Week 7 to Week 10


24 October 2016 , Monday

End of the Year Examination


P2- P4 English Language Paper 2

P5 English Language and Foundation English Language Paper 2


25 October 2016 , Tuesday

End of the Year Examination


P2- P4 Mathematics

P5 Mathematics and Foundation Mathematics Paper 1 and 2

P6 National Heritage Trails (during curriculum time)


26 October 2016 , Wednesday

End of the Year Examination


P2-P4 Mother Tongue Paper 2

P5 Mother Tongue Paper 2 and Foundation Mother Tongue Paper 1


27 October 2016 , Thursday

End of the Year Examination


P3-P4 Science

P5 Science and Foundation Science


28 October 2016 , Friday

Early Dismissal for Students and Staff celebrating Deepavali at 10.15 a.m.


29 October 2016 , Saturday

Public Holiday- Deepavali


31 October 2016 , Monday

School Holiday in lieu of Deepavali


01 November 2016 , Tuesday

End of the Year Examination


P5 Higher Mother Tongue Paper 2


02 to 04 November 2016

P6 Overseas Learning Journey to Penang


07 November 2016, Monday

P6 Exharalation Fair

Celebration of Grandparents’ Day


09 November 2016, Wednesday

P5 Learning Journey to Fort Canning


10 November 2016, Thursday

P6 Sports Carnival (during curriculum time)


11 November 2016, Friday

School Holiday- Promotion Day

All students need not report to school


12 November 2016, Saturday

Primary 1 (for 2017) Orientation Programme (AM)


16 November 2016, Wednesday

Spring Cleaning of classrooms and special rooms by students


17 November 2016, Thursday

Last day of school for P1 to P5 students


18 November 2016, Friday

30th P6 Prize Presentation and Graduation Ceremony (9.30a.m.-11.30a.m.)









For Parents : The Intentional Parent - Character First Talk (5 Nov 2016) 



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