27 June to 05 July 2016

Annual Health Visit for P2 to P4, and P6 (during curriculum time)


29 June 2016 , Tuesday

LOVE@ Keming Family Day Rehearsal (after school)


30 June 2016 , Thursday

Temperature-taking Exercise


02 July 2016 , Saturday

LOVE@ Keming Family Day

(8.30 a.m.- 12.30 p.m.)


03 July 2016 , Sunday

Youth Day


04 July 2016 , Monday

School Holiday in lieu of Youth Day


05 July 2016 , Tuesday

Early dismissal for students and staff celebrating Hari Raya Puasa at 10.15 a.m.


06 July 2016 , Wednesday

Public Holiday - Hari Raya Puasa


07 July to 15 July 2016

Annual Health Visit for P1 and P5 (during curriculum time)


09 July 2016 , Saturday

P5 NE Show


14 July 2016 , Thursday

P4 Cultural Camp

(After school- Day Camp)


21 July 2016 , Thursday

Racial Harmony Day


25 July 2016 , Monday

P4 Science Practical


27 July 2016 , Wednesday

P6 Preliminary Exams - Listening Comprehension
(Mother Tongue followed by English Language)


1 August - 2 August 2016

P6 Preliminary Exams
English and Foundation English, Mother Tongue and Foundation Mother Tongue Oral Exams (after school)


4 August 2016 , Thursday

Common Test 2 (CT2)
P4 English and P5 English and Foundation English


P6 Preliminary Exams
English Paper 1 and 2
Foundation English Paper 1 and 2


5 August 2016 , Friday

Common Test 2 (CT2)
P4 Mathematics
P5 Mathematics and Foundation Mathematics


P6 Preliminary Exams
Mathematics and Foundation Mathematics


8 August 2016 , Monday

National Day - NE Commemorative Day and P1 and P2 Sports Carnival


8 August to 26 August 2016 

Suspension of CCA from Week 7 to Week 9


9 August to 10 August 2016 

Public Holiday - National Day
School Holiday- Day after National Day


11 August 2016 , Thursday

Common Test 2 (CT2)

P4 Mother Tongue

P5 Mother Tongue and Foundation Mother Tongue


P6 Preliminary Exams

Mother Tongue Paper 1 and 2

Foundation Mother Tongue Paper 1 and 2


12 August 2016 , Friday

Common Test 2 (CT2)

 P4 Science

 P5 Science and Foundation Science


P6 Preliminary Exams

Science and Foundation Science


15 August 2016 , Monday

Common Test 2 (CT2)

P5 Higher Mother Tongue Paper 2


P6 Preliminary Exams

Higher Mother Tongue Paper 1 and 2


18 - 19 August  2016 

PSLE Oral Day 1

PSLE Oral Day 2


22 August 2016 , Monday

P3 Science Practical


26 August 2016 , Friday

P3 GEP Screening Test for English and Mathematics

(during curriculum)


30 August 2016 , Tuesday

Parent-Child-Teacher Conference (after school)


01 September 2016 , Thursday

Teachers’ Day Celebration

(Dismissal as usual)


02 September 2016 , Friday

School Holiday- Teachers’ Day


05 - 06 September 2016

Media Literacy Programme for P4Emerald


07 - 08 September 2016

Media Literacy Programme for P4Jade

Our Highlights  

Keming Primary School successfully hosted teachers and students from Kairos Gracia Christian School (KGCS) from 4 April 2016 to 6 April 2016. The three-day programme had been fruitful and meaningful for students from Singapore and Indonesia. Students from KGCS were paired with Keming students upon their arrival. Our students responsibly took care of their foreign counterpart throughout the academic curriculum. Sharing the classroom space and working with our Kemingnites, the Indonesian students gained a unique insight into the essence of the Singapore education system.


The experience enabled Kemingnites an opportunity to not only interact with the visitors but more importantly glean pertinent knowledge about Indonesia and the daily life in the visitors’ homeland.


The 3-day visit coincided with the International Friendship Day. This better enabled the entire school to have a deeper understanding of Indonesia when the visitors were given the stage to share their customs and culture with Kemingnites.


On the whole, kudos to Kemingnites who boldly took up the role of ambassadors of the school to host their Indonesian counterparts. We believe that such platforms are crucial and are the first steps in contributing towards global efforts of promoting mutual understanding and respect for diversity amongst countries and people.






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